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#15456 - Her tongue probed the opening at the head of my penis as her lips began to move up and down in rhythm with her hand, so that the skin around my penis was being fractioned smoothly up by her hand and down by her lips against the myriad of nerve endings which were conveying all the most delicious sexual messages to my brain. In over 10 years together our intimacies amount to giving my wife foot and back massage to ease her aches and pains but I have to say, as you have been so honest with me, that I can do no more than the occasional cuddle, or a brief caress of her breasts before being brushed away and she has resolutely never allowed any contact below the waist beyond one or two reluctant attempts at intercourse before we were married. It was then fairly easy to separate them so that below her knees they parted and fell away, leaving her bare lower legs exposed.

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