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#328677 - As I continue to pull out weeds Xandre suddenly sits down next to me and start to idly pull out some of the smaller weeds, she smile sweetly at me from under my hat and start to talk about her studies. Her breasts are as tanned as the rest of her body, she takes my hands and place them on her breasts, sighing softly as my warm palms press against her nipples. As we slowly drift back down from our climaxes, she snuggles up to me and toy with my shirt “We never even got time to take off your shirt” I just smile and hold her naked body to me, then a thought strikes me “What did you mean when you said that you’ve wanted this for such a long time?” She look up at me with those huge eyes “I’ve thought about this for almost two years now” She grins “I tried everything for you to notice me, but somehow it just didn’t seem to work” I brush over her hair “I didn’t even know it was for me, the guys always mill around you like ants around a picnic basket” She just s

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