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#416623 - “Jen, I don’t know how to tell you this but…” she seemed to suddenly re-gain her memory, “I know,” she said “he’s going to try and get me pregnant, and I’m pretty sure he’s done it before, he must do it in school then take the girl back to his house and test her for pregnancy a few days later, so far it hasn’t been successful, so he must just let the girl go and threaten her by saying if she tells anyone he’ll tell the exam board she’s been cheating…” I look at her shocked, “How do you work it all out so fast…?” She didn’t take it as a compliment, “So hopefully I won’t get you pregnant, and he’ll let us go…” I said hopefully. Apart from that the lesson was very normal, though Sir looked at Jen frequently throughout the class. Her breasts are huge, she has a fantastic figure and her face is just unexplainably beautiful.

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