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#24769 - Danielle reached down and grabbed the base of my cock which was the only part not inside her and with 2 fingers squeezed tightly and said, “Why don’t you girls come over here and help me finish him off?” Without a word, Misha & Grace hopped up on the bed and positioned themselves between our legs. I could feel each phase of her orgasm through my cock and it was incredible! As her orgasm subsided and she began to relax, she looked into the mirror where she could see me smiling and asked, “Did you jerk off earlier or what?”, “How in the world are you lasting so long?” I wasn’t about to tell her the truth but just then a voice came from across the room, “I can answer that. This made Grace moan which made Misha moan which made me almost lose my load! But I kept it together and watched as Danielle stood up and positioned herself to enter Grace with this fat red, white & blue fuck toy.

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Every time i try telling a guy that i want to peg them they stop talking to me where can i meet guys who like this is there a place where y all meet up smh