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#154265 - I have all the girls eat Dion out she looks tired I also allow them to finger their pussies all but Emily when the last one is done I tell them that they did well and that it is time for Emily to be punished. I bend her over the bench and ran my hand over her ass and the back of her thighs and then I struck and she tried to stand when I explained that if she did I would get a belt I also explained to them sometimes a Master or Mistress just may want to play with their toys as I hit her again and I rubbed her ass so that she would no that it wasn’t a punishment I gave her ten open handed slaps and I also put my hand between her legs and begin playing with her pussy and when she started to get wet I slapped her on her pussy. Regina who looks mixed she has a nice ass.

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Joon yorigami
Goddamn her feet are perfect