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#260784 - He seld from now on u wil be my cock sucker he seld tomoz I want u in a skirt no pantys She nod he turn round and left he wet to his bet got in bed fell to sleep the next morning he put on sum shorts went to bathroom and pee and left went down stair there was not from his mom say I'm to tired to cook wil u cook sum for self and sister see u when I get up. Why haven't rachel got knicker on rachel went down stairs sat on sofa mike walk in rachel seld mom in shower she seld think she got turn on seeing my pussy she told him hole story he seld tomoz nite he wil go out say he on trip he seld try to seduce her rachel seld yes master I wil for u. Rachel seld what wud u do to get it her mom seld any think rachel got up got went in kitchen and got a black bag went back in living room seld go to your room and get ever pair of your knicker in this bag u got 20 mins she went of.

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