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#151173 - I arrived early at the cinema and as time passed it looked like Ms Giles had stood me up then l was approached by a girl dressed in a beige skirt and top with long hair, l nearly fell over when the girl apologised for being late, it was Ms Giles she look completely different with her hair down, l inadvertently blurted out ‘she looked normal’ then realised what l had said, so quickly added l meant she dressed far better outside of school, Ms Giles grinned and declared l can’t call her Ms Giles all evening and suggested l use her name Lynda, we went into the cinema and l brought the popcorn. Then the last bell rang and that was school over for 11 days, l passed Lyn in the corridor she gave me a wicked grin and whispered “what a night” which started us both laughing, even though l was due to meet Julia l was so tempted to ask Lyn for a rematch that afternoon but before l could she said she was leaving straight away to visit her parents, but was looking forward to our picnic. Every time

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Lalah sune
She is fit yo