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#222747 - Megan’s cheeks flashed bright red and she felt revolted that he would do that so openly, she reached down for the sun screen trying to get this humiliation over and done with and quickly started rubbing more cream into her feet and slowly up her legs, making sure they were tightly closed She had finally covered most of her body with sun tan lotion and all that was left was her back, bum and pussy. Then she felt his cock rubbing up and down her wet pussy likes and she began to sob “Please, I’m a virgin,” she said as she felt the head of his cock just on the entrance to her pussy. She knew it wouldn’t work, but tried to follow Dominatus’s instructions but maintain her dignity, she got into sitting position with her back to Mr Johnsons house and then after putting sunscreen on her face she slowly started rubbing it into her face and neck.

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