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#378363 - Harold, or Harry as friends knew him, was still in pretty good shape for his age, well by that I mean he still had his own teeth and apart from a few aches and pains didn’t have any major problems getting around, that was why he was allowed once a month to take a day out of the home and go and enjoy the town. When they were both rested and dressed they left Harry’s daughters house and went back to the park, it was late afternoon now and pretty full. “Wow so do you have any family?” Sharon asked, “Other then your wife I mean” “I have a daughter her name is Wendy and she is forty-three now, she lives near by actually and then I have a granddaughter called Susan and grandsons called Tommy and Jim, the boys are twins and are both twenty-four and Susan is twenty-three” Harry said before taking another sip of his tea and looking at Sharon’s breasts again with a grin to himself, his cock was stirring in his pants a little as he saw her top move up and down as her breasts bulged agains

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