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#188556 - I walked stood outside of the bathroom the final bell rang oh well i thought I'll make the class up tomorrow  she walks out of the bathroom in a skin tight deep blue aeropostle shirt  denim skinny jeans that I bought her the day before and her highlighted blond hair in a bun her sky-blue eyes looking at me with a nervous apprehension and a little bit of joy she says   let's go walk to the park ok The park is a 5 or 6 minute walk from the school we often went there to talk during work and school hours cause only a hand full of people were there  we useally went to the the more forested area to a bench we had found one day and moved it to a secluded area  we had said nothing on the way there we sat down her head on my lap gazing at me while I was doing the same I leaned down and kissed her she kissed back but only for a second I pulled away looking into her eyes thinking I was with the girl of my dreams in the most beautiful spot around  Jim yes baby

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