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#114518 - Upon arriving Katlin jumped out the car seing the familliar faces welcoming her, she had been there before but this time she was not leaving, the members of the club were few but nice people, there was Nick aged sixteen been there for a year now, Willow aged eighteen, been there almost as long as JJ and was his former lover, Katlin thought she should keep an eye on her, also there was Kip aged fouteen as well only been there eight months, Nicks girlfriend Annie, she was found by Nick curled in a corner almost staved to death in an allyway, there were also a few she had not met yet, but lastly and the one that scared her the most was the other leading member of the club Andrew aged twenty, nearly twenty one, joined at the age of ten almost eleven years ago, and was wanted by the police also, for being a multi time rapist on young girls, which is why he scared her. A few days past and the news soon spread around the club about Katlins coming into womenism so to speak, and Williow was

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