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#167230 - She smiled then, her cock bobbing slightly in time to her heart beat as she lifted and cupped her own soft breasts, squeezing them in the palm of her hands, placing her thick nipples in the curve of her thumb and forefinger, squeezing and massaging the sensitive engorged nubs, pulling moans from her as he kissed and licked at her oversized nuts. “A-ah… Ardanis… That was amazing… You’re such… Such a good boy…” she moaned, looking down at him, his cock still erect, throbbing eagerly, like a steel pole pointed towards the ceiling, “Mm, you didn’t even cum…” she said, and, reaching out, she poked the sensitive tip of his cock with a single fingertip. Withdrawing his cock from her mouth she let out a giggle, “Oops…” was all she said as she slowly pulled her own cock out of his throat till only the tip rested between his lips.

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