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#394342 - Sally stood by the side and held a hand of each to help them balance. Timmy introduced everybody and Sally – horny after her period – pointed to Kens shorts and laughed “ I can see whats on your mind !” Betty said “that’s always on his mind” and the ice was well broken between them. “ She actually shit all over me when she came” Timmy said and now they both want to come and meet you two tomorrow to muck about” The three of them walked down to the beach – with some soap – and Sally and Julie washed Timmy in the sea – and they all three peed standing in the water - before strolling back fresh to the Cabin.

Read Pene Ano Subarashii π o Mou Ichido - Robopon Hot Ano Subarashii π o Mou Ichido

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Dumb hentai