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#178959 - by the time her second wave of her orgasm had finished my belly was full and my face was dipping in her vaginal fluid. It been almost an year and half since I last time I got laid” I told her “ Oh I totally all most forgot about that Scott I guess we can do something to remedy that year and half of pen up sexual frustration of your and maybe it will help you forgot that War your having with your ex girlfriend Christy!” Lisa said “ It will help remedy the sexual frustration but the issue with Christy that different subjects all together baby!” I told her “ well baby I’m sure once we get done you won’t even give her second thought” Lisa said “ How that Lisa?” I asked “ Very simple baby I’m going fuck her right out of you?” Lisa said “One thing wouldn’t your friend have an issue with us fucking. I let out loud moan as I start to thrust my hips trying match her paces and she tighten her mouth muscles around my dick.

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