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#307663 - Ms Gretzke tossed my panties aside with a flourish, and declared in ceremonial tones: ‘I declare this pussy open for initiation!’ Ms Gretzke then told me to go down onto my knees, and the captains of the hockey and tennis teams came forward and stood in front of me. When I was told that it was Paige, who of course was captain of our junior cheerleader squad, I nearly smacked myself on the forehead in frustration – how could I have not realised that it must be her? Although anatomically it is correct, it completely fails to do Paige justice to say that she was average in all dimensions – being of medium height and bust size, and having an ass that was neither large nor small. The second was a quick worker – she managed to fit into the five minutes not only my munching on her pussy but also her doing me with a strap-on.

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