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#383613 - Harvey got out the care and started fast walking towards the guy but i grabbed harveys hand a said baby let it go i had to repeat that sentance a few time for harvey to pay attention and he said why shoulf i let it go leon i mean baby because the guy is a jerk its no big deal so harvey left it alone and we walked down the street i said to harvey I want some coffee so we went to the coffee shop and when we got served i said can i please have a medium latte with an extra shot with non fat milk and a honey pump the lady smiled and said sure and for you sir i started laughing and harvey said whats s funny? i said nothing i just know what you gonna order harvey smiled at me as if he didnt believe me and said go on then order for me so i said to the lady he will have a large mocha with caremel and vinilla pumps harvey smiled at me and said shut up so we paid for are drinks and left we went into the prada store and harvey seen the most perfect top that was lined in bl

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