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#151738 - Well, the story started a week after the start of the semester year when my first encounter of Eve happened. Her muscles were contracting tightly around my cock and the warmth mixed in with it almost made me cum hard, I took a breath once I was fully in her and started to thrust picking my pace up every few thrusts and she was loving it making all kinds of noises and small squeals between thrusts. That night I showed up to the random wooded area near a creek and waited for Eve and her friends to show up when they did I was in shock with what she was wearing, A pair of tall lace-up boots, short black skirt and a band shirt with her hair in low tied pigtails at the back of her head, she was hot! She smiled and sat down next to me and we started a bonfire up before it can get darker.

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Sun shang xiang
The glasses makes me even more wet
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