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#362930 - I just kept playing with myself when Jake says,'' Mom I can't take it much longer i want you and want you bad so he started to lick my wet juicie pussy while Scott and petter held my arms down and sucked on my nipples and I wanted to say stop but I just couldn't because i wanted it to bad and it felt so good when Jakes tounge went in and out of my pussy as he licked me more and more and I let him keep doing it to me as I laid there and moaned ,'' Oh ya baby lick me more, i want you to lick me more, I want you to fuck me baby i want it bad oh fuck me ya baby fucking lick me more stick your tounge in there. I bent down on my knees and started to like his cock and he let out a moan that made me want him even more. Then Jake said to me, mom can I stick my cock in you please I want to fuck you so bad I cant wait any longer.

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