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#384965 - ” Now my befuddled brain was slowly starting to make sense of what she was saying (see my previous story:- “And I didn't even get her name!”) … so THAT’s what her name was! “So kind”!!! … Is THAT what she calls it! My version was more along the lines of – I was presented with the opportunity of some gorgeous young Asian girl begging me to fuck her … and I did what ANY red-blooded man would have – I obliged! “I’m sorry – I’m not sure what you’re talking about …. “Yes – WHAT”? … “YES SIR”! … “That’s better – now you will ONLY address me when I obviously require it, and you WILL comply with my every command without question – IS THAT UNDERSTOOD”? “YES MASTER” … “THAT’s much better” I said calmly. 40 in the morning .

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