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#138790 - Jackie had been buying from me since she was 18, she used the stuff all day, and as soon as she got out of bed she would spark up a joint. Lisa trotted off to the toilet and returned with a toilet role, can I do it mum she said, well, if Pete as no objections I suppose so. You don’t mind do you uncle Pete, No, go ahead I said, I thought she would pick some up on her hand to taste it, but no, she stuck out her tongue and licked the end of my cock, fucking hell, it felt like an electric shock as she touched my cock with her sweet tongue, she licked the head and then put the end in her mouth and sucked it, My cock got hard in record time, she took it from her mouth and said, “mmm, its salty” do you like it, I said, yes, its really nice.

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Takeshi yamamoto
Love seeing her in her happy place thanks for sharing sexy
Why does she look so cute