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#328073 - ” “In that case, you and I will go out and eat since it is a bit late to try and fix something here by the time we go to the store, which we will go tomorrow to stock up on groceries. “I really want to do more than just a quick kiss on the lips. With my jeans off and lying in a heap beside me on the floor, Mendy took off my socks, then she stood up straight, took off her tank top shirt up over her head and took her bra off at the same time with one motion, dropped them on the floor on top of my shirt, then she hooked her fingers into the waist band of her short shorts and pushed them down over her hips wiggling her butt as she pushed then down over her butt and hips, taking her tiny little black thong panties down with the shorts, then after getting her feet out over the top of them she dropped them down on top of my jeans, and socks.

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