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#104311 - The nausea and fear stirred in my throat, I could feel my heart beat pulsing hard, my chest heaving with deep breaths and could feel my hands trembling as I was offering my body to be feasted on by this repulsive monster selflessly for his pleasure alone. I had heard many rumours and stories of stripping and prostitution going on. Over the previous couple years this was happening more and more frequently, and if it ever became uncomfortable or annoying I had learnt from my experiences with pervy Pete that to let them know, I know they are 'checking me out', was normally the best thing to do! This was such an occasion, as I was in such a bad mood at having to get the bus in the first place! So as soon as I'd handed my fare over, I spun 180 degrees on my heels, bent over, and flashed him my bum! 'There, you got an eyeful! Happy now!?' I snapped at him.

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Better acting than katrina parineeti jacqueline