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#12154 - ) Marlene: I'm not afraid of you! What can a wimp like you do to me? You'll never catch me! Tim: Would you look at that! The fighting spirit of the girl sends the Tentrulus into caution! (The tentacle retracts a couple feet, and the monster continues it's advance! It continues to creep towards the confused girl until it is at striking range!) (Suddenly, the tentacle lashes out and hooks onto her left arm!) Marlene: W. But here's where your wrestling skills will come in handy! Marlene: M. Tim: Oooh, a tough one! Let's see how long she lasts! Marlene: Wait, am I going to die? Noone ever said anything about actually going up in a serious fight like this, I figured at most it would be like mud wrestling or something! Tim: No no, missy no one dies in our arena.

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