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#207617 - I whispered in her ear Sloppy seconds Cheryl’s whole body pulsed and she fucked me hard. He said “Jesus you must leak a lot of pre-cum, or is Cheryl leaking lots of pussy juice because she’s such a slut” When Cheryl did not get very turned on from his oral he said She must want both cocks I asked Cheryl Is that what you want She looked a little shy and said It doesn’t matter I asked her Hey just say what you want, if you want something I'm happy to give it to you sexy Cheryl said Well I did enjoy being on top of you, and I would like to try two cocks in me, but can you try and make me squirt He said “She cant squirt, ive tried to make her lots of times” I said “I’ll give it one try” I pushed 3 fingers into Cheryl’s tight wet cum filled pussy and stroked her G-Spot.

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