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#48245 - 5ft 7 shoulder lenght dirty blonde hair she is not skinny but not fat she had just had two kids and was nice and thick a little fat ass and a stay at home mom PTA mom and soccer mom she was from the trailer park type small tits alwwys wore those one piece terry cloth shorts and strapless top with herass hanging out the back with the little dents anyways i was starting to grow my hair long and experiment pot and cigerettes i was still a virgin though i think it wws because at that age i had a very big cock 11inches and very thick anyways i come home from school and my aunt starts talking to me about drugs if i used before making it sould cool so i said yes and she then asks what about coke ever tried that and i say yes again trying to be cool. I was 14 at the time and my moms brother and my mom bother worked together at thier new.

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