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#347478 - I crawled over to my bed and snuggled up to the pups to keep them warm, well I can tell you they didn’t waist any time in getting there milk before I new it I got one hanging on each tit and the others trying to get them of so they could get some, I didn’t really get any sleep that night or for about there nights after, By the forth day my nipples were that sore I didn’t no what to do with my self I think all my milk had just about gone when May came to the cage my they look well you have done a good job with them, she placed the patches back on my suit and then she took the pups away with her and I found myself all alone again. At the point I really didn’t care it felt so good he could of fucking licked me all fucking night and I would of let him I must of come three or for times I really cant remember. ( Little did I know? ) We are now in late January early February and looking forward to summer were I get a full month of from work we were in the pub talking about the summer

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Atsushi toushirou
What a good girl
Noa himesaka
Good stuff boss will probably get her pussy creampied already later
Hayato kongouji
Nigga is this the afterlife