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#51640 - He'd sit on my bed at the head and put one arm around me and rub my thigh over the covers with the other and each night he was exposed a little more because he was naked underneath his robe. On vacation we'd go in the ocean and he'd pull our bathing suit bottoms down and finger fuck me while people were swimming around us and I held him with one arm around his neck while I jerked his cock off with my other hand as he worked his fingers in and out of me under water, his back to the shore so mom couldn't see what we were doing or his cum floating to the surface. This went on for a few nights, him coming in with his robe open and sitting on my bed right next to me and I guess cuz I didn't say anything but kept looking at it finally on Friday night he said, would you like to touch it? Cuz he saw me looking at it, I mean it was right there sticking out under my chin so it was hard to miss the whole front of his robe was open and I could see him erect right under m

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Nao tomori
That ass is way fuckin sweet
Yuuri wakasa
Gorgeous name
Fuckin amazing