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#43946 - There was no smile, creepy or otherwise, and his eyes had cleared and sharpened in the look I had become very familiar with, the look that meant he was not screwing around. I stopped sucking my own thumb when I was six, and it took me a couple moments to do it right for Daddy, but I guess I got a hang of it pretty quickly because soon he was slipping his thumb back and forth in my mouth, almost pulling it all the way out before sliding it back in; saying things like “that’s right, Baby” and telling me to suck it harder. Daddy picked up the pace a little, moving his hips a little bit faster as he pressed up against me and I started to worry that whatever the hard thing he had in his pocket was going to hurt me, but then he made a loud grunting sound that sounded like it came from deep inside his throat, and stopped completely.

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