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#160104 - Reynolds, it's so nice to meet you, won't you please come in and have a seat, Miranda said graciously while shaking Virna's hand! Alicia's told me so much about the place, Virna offered, that I decided to see it for myself so to speak!!! Well, I very happy that you did, Miranda replied smoothly, I hope your time here will be more than enjoyable!!! After both of them had taken a seat in Miranda's sumptuously appointed, office she asked casually, Have you given any thought as to what sort of, shall we say, entertainment you had in mind!?! Well, Virna said slowly, I-I'm not exactly sure, what have you got?!? Just about anything you could ask for, Miranda replied, but may I make a suggestion!?! Glad that she didn't have to go into any details herself, Virna replied gratefully, Please, I'm open to any suggestions!!! Well, Miranda continued on, it's been my experience, that with our more mature female clients, such as yours

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