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#108130 - That meant that not only were you satisfying your own sexual desires, but that you were also putting on a show for your fellow club members! Many a party had ended with someone saying that the most satisfying moment for them had been watching another member having an orgasm! This rule seemed to form a bond among everyone present at the parties, as everyone had seen everyone else in various sexual situations, and it made it very easy to empathize with someone who you knew had just been able to satiate a sexual need. They found out was that there were a lot of women out there in the same boat they were in, that being alone for probably the first time in their life, and also with a very strong and persistent sex drive. The ladies gave them both a standing ovation! Betty now took the floor and thanked everyone for coming.

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Cure felice | kotoha hanami
I have a feeling that they are not really doing but just faking to fuck
Kogasa tatara
Amazing ass
Hajime ichinose
Mmmmm mami ricaa me pusistes bien caliente con ganas de tocar y chupar esas tetas tan ricas q tienes tambien de chparte toda tu conchita y meterte mi verga
Mikaze honjou
Si j etais le mec j aurais fait des cris dfou il est trop calme mdr
Xiao qiao
Nice story ahha