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#370199 - Dad that’s not what I meant, Ranma is a guy not a girl Akane said following after them and into the dining room where she found a person she hoped never to see again especially at a time like this, sitting in the room next to Genma was a young man named Tatewaki Kuno, PIG-TAILED GIL AND AKANE TENDO Kuno screamed as he jumped from his seated position at the table over it and landed in front of Ranma and Akane, grabbed them both one in each arm hugging them until Ranma and Akane each grabbed his arms and threw him into the wall, Stop that you jerk Ranma yelled. Once Soan returned with the spit it was time to spit Ranma coming in behind her Soan raised the spit to Ranma's pussy and started to slowly push it in, Hold on there Tendo Genma said coming over and standing next to Soan, What now Saltome Soan said as he stopped pushing the spit and held it in place, Ranma is my boy I should be the one to spit him Tendo Genma said grasping at the spit trying to take it from So

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