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#63287 - Virna Reynolds was lonely and depressed! Her best friend Alicia was vacationing in Europe, and coupled with the fact that her husband of forty years had been gone for less that six months, and you had a woman who wasn't used to being alone for such a long period of time!!! After wandering around her apartment for about a week, she dialed the number Alicia had given to her before she left! After two rings, a sultry feminine voice on the other end of the line answered, Sensations Unlimited, how may I help you, this is Miranda speaking!?! A pang of fear shot through her, but since she had already made the call she replied, This is Mrs. Reynolds, it's so nice to meet you, won't you please come in and have a seat, Miranda said graciously while shaking Virna's hand! Alicia's told me so much about the place, Virna offered, that I decided to see it for myself so to speak!!! Well, I very happy that you did, Miranda replied smoothly, I hope your time here wil

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