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#6805 - It was lust at first sight for the two bombshells as they hungrily went after each other’s bodies, applying their fingers, lips, teeth and tongues to very part of them, eventually forcing the men to have to have to pry them apart. After going over the possibilities with him, right in front of a picture of his ugly wife, she had given the dumpy Councilor a deep throating, blue balled blowjob in order to give him more incentive to work on her job search ahead of everyone else’s. Punching the boy on the shoulder, Peter roared, “How great is that you lucky little shit?” He then went over and put his arm around her waist and said, “Now I realize that fucking this kid comes as a shock to you, but I want you to do it as a personal favor to me, and to show your appreciation for my giving you such a generous wedding present, in spite of the fact that you didn’t invite me to the ceremony.

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