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#99292 - Myra grabbed my cock at one point and sucked it and then placed it at her friends wet slit and then I jammed back in to her pussy! This went on for quite awhile and Mandy was not able to control herself as she moaned and screamed with pleasure, I knew she was getting close to cumming again and so was I. I withdrew my cock from her and I don't think she wanted me to pull out because her pussy gripped my cock as I pulled out of her! I told Mandy and her to sit on the couch and I assured Mandy that she would be the next to sample my hard cock and she smiled, but both girls sat in front of me with their pussy ready to be eaten! I started with Mandy and her pussy was sweet and wet, her little pussy was even smaller than Myra's. I pulled my cock all the way out and then jammed it all the way into her soaking little pussy until she was grunting and moaning.

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