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#51131 - Jayson looked around checking out the place and the people, he waved the bar tender over to get a drink and while he was away he slid Marie's skirt up just enough that he and the bartender could get a look at that shaved pussy she was hiding under that skirt,the light was dim and you could barely see it but it was so wet it glistened in the light of the club when the bartender came back with the drinks Jayson made sure he struck up a conversation as to keep him there long enough that he would get a glance at her sweet pussy and when Jayson seen the evil grin come across the bartenders face he knew that he had seen what he wanted him to. andthought she would have a couple of drinks before he got home as she was finishing up her second drink her husband arrived and she greeted him at the door she put her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss she was feeling so hot and sexy with the outfit he had requested her gave a look up and down and smiled with approval she asked what a

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