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#120615 - Andy sits back patting his belly “I bet that was the biggest meal mom ever made” Maryse grins “At least I can see where your food went” Everybody chuckles and Eliza starts to put all the dishes and plates together “Andy I can’t believe that you ate three plates of food and no vegetables” “And to think he grumbled about coming to eat” Andy pulls a face at Joe “Oh he always grumbles about eating, but he doesn’t stop until he is a full as a stuffed turkey” Maryse grins at Joe as she says this, Andy gets to his feet “Well a certain race of aliens are waiting to get exterminated, you ready Joe?” Joe looks at Eliza and she waves him off, he gets up and grins at Andy “Yes sir grunt soldier sir, your sniper backup is ready to go shoot off some alien tail” Andy and Joe trudge down to the den again, Andy gleefully unpause the game and they start to play further. He almost jumps out of his skin when the bathroom door opens and closes, Maryse slipping inside

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