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#189879 - Bobbi was quite unable to reply but with a great deal of difficulty she managed to nod her head as a climax slammed into her cunt making her huge boobs shake bounce crazily from side to side while her whole body shivered with excitement! With the two women now facing each other, they easily leaned forward until their breasts were squished together between them. H-how do we do this? Laura asked nervously as she ran her hand up and down one of the hard peckers. The real difference, however, was that instead of having two hand bars, this horse sported two eight inch long hard rubber dildos that stood proud and thick just waiting to be mounted by two willing females! A fury was slowly slipping out of control in Bobbi's young pussy so with a hoarse whisper she croaked, Let's give it a try!!! On very wobbly legs both twenty two year olds got to their feet and gingerly made their way across the room until they were standing next to the imposing object.

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