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#131512 - Her face is set hard but there's a glint in her eye that tells me she has more on her mind than who I'm screwing. It isn't until I notice the lightly tanned, toned legs sidling up to my desk that I realise it wasn't my wife knocking but Alisha! And what can I do for you young lady? I ask even though I know just what I could do for her or should I say to her? As I lift my gaze to meet hers I take in the deep red oriental style kimono that adorns her slender body. At first her comment shocks me but then thinking rationally I know she is only saying it to hurt me, she wants to get me back for fucking around on her mom and who could blame her? I know I would be mad as hell too! Don't be stupid Alisha! you're my stepdaughter for goodness sakes! Don't take he moral high ground with me.

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