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#8848 - all of the sudden, my body starts making these weird little spasms and my tummy begins feeling upset and im getting light headed, then mommy starts moving one of her fingers to my cunny hole and slowly slides her slender index finger in, it begins to hurt but oddly, feels a little good at the same time, im so confused by all my senses being overloaded that I begin tearing up and that's when mommys tongue starts going in my ear and it feels good and she whispers to me ssshhh baby, its okay, mommy is gonna make it feel good okay, just stay still and keep those legs and tight little cunny open for mommy She then begins to further insert her finger into my little pussy to the first joint and I already feel pressure and full, then she starts sliding it in and out and begins squeezing on my little button and that's when I cant take it anymore, my tiny hips are bucking and moans are coming from my mouth. After about 15 minutes of the sodomy, his cock begins to twitch and after

Read Lez Hardcore [Mitarashi Kousei] Uchi no Okaa-san - Mother of Our Homes Chudai Uchi no OkaaMother of Our Homes

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Mao isara
I love the feeling of hot cum inside my pussy
Keke tang
Bro she look like that one mom from stranger things