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#169489 - As of a sudden Billy looked me in the eyes saying “Mom, you are a very hot woman, you have a body to attract any man in the whole world, and I wonder why you never go out for fun?” My lower jaw dropped of a shock, I smiled saying “what?” he nodded smiling, and I checked my body while saying “who would want to look at an old woman like me honey?” Billy got closer, placed both of his hands on my shoulders, pulled me closer to him, he placed a very soft kiss on my cheek saying “mom, never underestimate yourself, you have assets that would kill any man” he pulled me closer this time to his body, giving me a very close and warm hug, tight enough to almost crash my tits over his bare chest, which felt so good to me, and I am sure to him as well, feeling my semi bare tits over his nude chest. As I tried to help him walk into his room, Billy hugged me, started kissing me on the lips, very hard, while rubbing his body to mines, till I really felt his hard on pushing into my bare crotch, I

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