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#223746 - This gave him plenty of time to watch the two women do their works, and both of them, after some pre stretching, moved over to the arm curl machines and started doing their sets. Over at the curl machine, Jill asked Cindy, Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be with Mark? Jill, still staring at the well built manager, answered, Who hasn't, with a body like that, he's girl's wet dream!!! Cindy laughed and said, You know what they say about black guys, don't you?!? Jill gave a wicked laugh and held her hands about a foot apart and nodded, and both of them burst out in hysterical laughter! The free weights were at the far end of the room, and Mark was busy getting ready to do his bench presses, and with 300 lbs. He was just finishing up his warm ups when the two women came out of the locker room.

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Miyuki ayukawa
Very nice
Fuck yeah this is so hot
Chiho sasaki
She always sucks only the tip but i think it steel is good bj her mouth is small and she cant take it all but here she tries to suck more and she shouldnt