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#11067 - Tailsa pull apart form Greywind and lay on top of him they were both tried as fuck Greywind was so happy having this sexy women on him was turning him on again soon he would fuck her again with that the wolf and Tailsa closed their eyes both happier than ever. Greywind snarl as he begin to lick her neck with soft lick she moan into his ear oh god yes baby fuck me he move down to her breasts where he lick with each tender lick she moan even louder as the wolf made her nipples hard he move down to her stomach she giggled as his tongue tickled her belly before he move down to her pussy. She steality step out of the tub grabbing one of the towels that was hanging on the wooden stand she wrap it around herself and started walking toward the small door where she could see cum was still dripping form her pussy she used the towel and wipe it off quickly before opening the small door to see Greywind standing there looking seriously as ever he was always cute when he did that she through.

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