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#249189 - and your age? You: oh You: 13 perfect! would you like to play with me? Stranger: sure! You: awesome! You: what role shall I take for you? Stranger: daddy:) You: oooh - my favorite role! yea! You: what name shall I call you? Stranger: allison Stranger: im new so you have to start us. mmm - sweet nectar of the gods! You: you taste so good! You: you moan as I suck on your clit You: i gently pinch your nipples while Im eating out your pussy Stranger: after you do that for a little i turn over back on my hands and knees and tell you i want you in my ass You: oh yes - the icing on the cake! I can't believe my ears! I take some of your pussy juice on my finger and use it to lube up your ass and then lube up my cock with the same juice. So, I reach up and start stroking your hardening nipple and caress your young firm breast.

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