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#83415 - Her mother was a line worker at the candy factory, and didn't get off work until 5:00pm, so this gave the two lovers plenty of time for their extra curricular activities! If Linda's mother even had a hint she was having sex with and older man she would skin them both alive, so Rink was always out of there by no later than 4:30! Today they had made love two times, and had finished up the usual way, with Rink filling Linda's mouth with cum. With his pecker now at face level, he moved it inches from her face where upon she opened her mouth and sucked the giant head in!!! Looking down at her he commented, Now I know where the little bitch here gets all of her talent from!!! Linda looked on with wide eyes, not believing what she was seeing! In less than two minutes from the time she opened the door, her own mother was sucking off her boyfriend right in front of her! She would have complained, but seeing how Rink had handled her mother, she felt is was wise to just shut up

Read Massive Oshiri ni Sen wo Shite - Suite precure Stepfather Oshiri ni Sen wo Shite

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