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#241447 - “I’ve got an idea …. I used the remainder of the cord to effectively tie first one of her ankles, passing it round her thigh, round the back of her neck, the other thigh, then tying it off at the other ankle. Within a few seconds Ellie was reduced to a ‘hog-tied’ victim, obscenely sprawled with her arse perched on the edge of the settee, with her legs spread before me! I wasted no time in plunging forward my advantage, grabbing her firmly by her (already immobilised) ankles, ripped the crotch of her thong in two, and shoved my face into her teenage minge and revelled in the sight, and the taste, of her bare pussy under my tongue! She wriggled and squirmed constantly, but nothing she could do was sufficient to release her from my bindings (my years in the ‘Scouts’ having at last paid off!).

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Esse macho moreno e uma delicia adoraria gemer nesse rolao
Shirou ashiya
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